Four Cool Things I did on the Weekend

This is just a summary of what I did on the weekend, and some news from around the inter web that I found interesting!


Apple People Promotions – I wrote about my thoughts on the Apple Watch and said it felt to me that Apple was straying down a road of form over function.  That’s not to say that Apple doesn’t make great looking stuff; I should know as I own most things Apple and am an unashamed enthusiast.  Because of that, I also worry about a company that grows at the speed Apple currently is.  In the Apple Watch post, I named Jonny Ive as being the mastermind behind the form, but also worried that without the real genius in the company, Jobs, Ive was merely a bit player and not the guy who would lead the company into the future.  Apple doesn’t agree, and this past week elevated Ive to Chief Design Officer.  He effectively already is.  So all this does is highlight the fact they feel he is growing in importance.  This worries me on a lot of levels.  Apple needs to innovate technically, not aesthetically.  They are at the top of their game because they bring innovative products to consumers.  You can see what happens to companies who have run out of ideas, just look at Nokia and Blackberry.  Both started to design what they thought were aesthetically better looking products and ignored the likes of, well, Apple.  Only time will tell if these internal moves mark the top of the Apple market.  But with all things tech; we won’t have to wait long to find out….. The Cognac and Caviar Diet

The £648 Golden Phoenix cupcake is made from the finest chocolate and edible gold
The £648 Golden Phoenix cupcake is made from the finest chocolate and edible gold

From the we’re too rich to be stupid file, comes the Cognac and Caviar diet, not to mention the $1000 cupcake.  England’s Telegraph newspaper is reporting that London has become the centre for $1500 burgers and $500 cups of coffee made from coffee beans excreted by a rat, well not a rat, but something that looks a lot like a rat.  Call me stupid, Her Indoors frequently does, but this must mean the world ends soon?  I am a firm believer in capitalism, but this seems to be that step too far.  Interesting article……..

Blenheim Food Festival

As some of you know, Her Indoors and I went to the Blenheim food festival on Saturday.  Follow the link and read the full pst for the particulars and photos.  It was good, but could have been better.  As this was the first year, we are expecting great things next!

Cleaned the Garage

average-skip-hire-prices What can I say.  We have a garage, and inside the garage is £200 worth of junk, excluding our bikes.  Outside are the cars worth significantly more.  So Her Indoors rented a skip so we could get some of the junk out and some of the stuff that isn’t junk in.  As you can see, you want one of these things gone as fast as possible.  They aren’t the best looking things in the world.  So all day on the Bank Holiday Monday, we cleaned the garage.  We use ours for storage anyway, and have shelving to hold our stuff and that of all three boys who would rather store stuff with us than at their places.  Understandable, You Store would charge money.  I have to say there was a great deal of satisfaction at the end of the day when you could once again walk through the garage.  Unfortunately, you still can’t put a car in…..

Made A Great Vitamix Soup

As many will know, we bought a Vitamix recently, I write about it in detail here.  Several of the boys were at the house so we had a family favourite, pot roast, and a broccoli and cheese soup made in the Vitamix.  For those of you not familiar with a Vitamix, you place raw ingredients in the blender, and through the heat generated by the speed of the blades, Vitamix turn them into a creamy hot soup.  I have to admit this was a great recipe, one which will become a family favourite.  For those trying to lose weight, it is low in carbs, the cheese does put the fat content up, however, the soup it produces is phenomenal.  The Vitamix site is full of great recipes, not to mention their machines for sale.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Went to the Garden Centre

We have places outside the house for hanging baskets.  In the UK these are very popular and the good ones, can be spectacular.  We put out two last year, but while we were away, son number three decided, they didn’t really need to be watered.  So they suffered a bit when the summer got a little hotter and drier, and as a result, never really reached their full potential.  So, Her Indoors decided we should give it another try this year.  We headed off to the garden centre not far from our place in a small village called Yarnton.  If you say that with a West Country accent, it begins to bring back memories of the movie Deliverance for me.  That’s not a slur on the good folk of Yarnton, they are as nice as can be.  So off we went.  Luckily they still had three or four to choose from, although a number were put to one side as they had been sold.  It was too bad really, they were the best looking ones.  We picked our two, which were not that bad, and headed home.  I still need to hang one, as the bracket has come lose from the wall, but I will get that done today I hope so I avoid the inevitable weekend “honey do” list from Her Indoors!  But here’s hoping they don’t go the way of the 2014 vintage! Thanks for stopping by – See you again soon!

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