Four Cool Things I Did This Weekend

Hung out with the Kids

ribeyeOkay, not really kids anymore, in fact none of them still live at home, and no, that’s not because they are in jail.

All three of the boys live in London and when any or all of them make it up to the sticks, we always have a blast.  Luckily for Her Indoors a couple of them come with female significant others.  Having been the only girl in the family had its upsides and downsides but I think she always missed doing the shopping thing with someone who thought it should last more than 5 minutes.

Anyway we enjoyed some great steaks after our activities on Sunday.  More about that in a minute

Visited This Great Shop Called Eagles

Eagles Fine Foods - Deddington
Eagles Fine Foods – Deddington

We have lived in and around Woodstock Oxfordshire for years.  It was only a month ago, as we tried to find a hat shop (We are going to Ascot next month) in the small village of Deddington did we stumble upon Eagles.

I don’t like the big supermarkets in the UK.  They sell, at best, mediocrity.  The “finest” range just drives profits not quality.  So, it was a real thrill to find a shop which sold great meats, cheeses and fish along with good quality brands.  We bought a cornfed chicken which was delicious, not to mention the steaks we had on Sunday.

Played Around With My New FeiYu Brushless Gimbal For The GoPro

FeiYu Tech G4
FeiYu Tech G4

On the recommendation of a friend, I bout the FeiYu FY-G4 3 Axis Gimbal for my GoPro Hero4 Camera.  I only used it on Saturday morning to shoot footage of Bluebells, yes I did say Bluebells.  It is extremely impressive to say the least.  I still have not mastered all the controls, although it does not look that complicated and mode change is accomplished by pushing just one button on the handle.

The short footage I shot was pretty incredible.  It looked as if the camera was on a boom.  The picture remained perpendicular to the ground at all time.  I will write an in-depth review soon after I have had time to play around with it and understand the G4’s full capabilities.  Needles to say, first impressions were very favourable.

Ran The 7K Blenheim Fun Run

blenheim-palaceOn Sunday, we ran the Blenheim Fun Run as a family.  The venue, Blenheim Palace is a World Heritage Site, it goes without saying it is stunning.  The course  is out into Blenheim’s park and the views are incredible.  Also, late spring always makes for lots of wild flowers in bloom and that wonderful small of renewal that seems to be everywhere at this time of year.  This was the first race for me.  Her Indoors had run with a club when she was younger, but very kindly stayed with me.  We did come in somewhere near the bottom, but it gives us a marker for next year!

Well that was our fun packed, and busy weekend.  This time of the year we are not short of things to do in our area.  Hope you had a good one!

Thanks for reading – see you here again soon.

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