Losing Weight is Expensive – initially…….

big_and_tall_suits_las_VegasStupidly, at the beginning of last year, I had several suits made for me at a Tailor in London.  As I was shaped like a barrel, the only way I could get my pants (trousers for my British readers) to stay up was with braces or suspenders.  Belts made my pants ride around my ample hips, and as my butt had disappeared, that didn’t work very well.  In fact, they would just start to fall off at times, so I constantly walked around holding my belt.  It didn’t look good as you might imagine.  Charlie Chaplin like, without the charm!

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

I returned to the same tailor a couple of weeks ago to ask if they could alter the two suits.  They could do something with the pants, but the jacket was a loss.  Apparently the pockets would end up somewhere on my back?  Kind of pictured myself in a reverse royal family stance.  See the photo to the right and transpose his hands to his butt.

So having received the bad news about the pockets, I went off to the local Marks and Spencer’s.  For all the American’s, it is an iconic British institution, with everything from filet steak to Italian suits.  I was after the Italian “knockoff” section.  The suits which from a distance looked like Italian designer suits.  Until now I had been moving down sizes in my wardrobe from my other attempts at dieting.  They ranged all the way to a 42″ waist and 48″ coat.  That suit was now too big and I was bunching fabric around the waistline so the pants would fit.  I found my way to the M&S Luxury range.  They looked okay.  The fabric didn’t feel like paper, and actually did hang reasonably well.  After a little trial and error, I left with a 40″ pair of pants and a 44″ jacket.

To be honest, it felt great.  It was a fantastic way to measure progress, and the other thing that transpired was that because my clothes were not 5 sizes too big, people began to notice how much weight I had lost.  I have moved on from the need for outside acknowledgement with the exception of Her Indoors (the wife), but I must admit it was nice to receive.  It was those interactions which led to me starting this blog.  People really wanted to know how I had done it.  In fact, I would spend entire lunches telling friends the story, and enjoyed it.  It was clear they would pick out things they thought were right for them, and that’s what led to Don’t Diet.  I wanted to tell my story along with others I find along the way so people have the widest possible base of information from which to craft their success

Anyway, as the title says weight loss is expensive but only at first, the benefits return the hard work many times over, so the reality is it’s a very cheap way to add significant value to life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – see you back here soon I hope!

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