Connected Scales Withings Body Analyser

withings scale

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale is something I now use everyday to track my weight. I have been standing on it since I weighed 285 pounds. As of today, 12th May 2015, it reads 215 pounds. Many diet and weight loss sites say not to weigh yourself daily. That’s good advice if you are prone to negative news having an adverse effect on your journey. I used to see either a plateaux or rise in weight as a signal things were not working as they should, and found it disheartening, or when I was not committed to change, a reason to quit. Today, I take it in stride and know that my lifestyle changes are the right ones and weight will follow, and that weight loss is not a straight line game.

Briefly, the scale measures weight in pounds, KG or that wonderful measurement of English Stones, can measure body fat as either a weight or a percentage, displays two days of weather forecasts if it has a wifi connection, air quality and temperature of the room it is in, and your pulse. Setting up the scale is much easier than it used to be withinhs health matewith a number of menu changes the folks at Withings have made. For example; you used to have to completely reinstall the scale if you wanted to change wifi hubs that had different names. Now you can open the scales menu in the very capable Withings Health Mate App and change it with a few clicks.

How I use the scale has changed with my weight loss. As the number of pounds on the scale’s display has reduced, I have started paying more attention to my fat mass which I have displayed in a percentage. The scales settings will let you either display it in pounds/KG/stones or a percentage of your overall weight. When I started this journey, my percent body mass was north of 50%! Yeah I know, that’s a lot of fat! I guess doing the math that equated to over 140 pounds at my heaviest. As of this morning that number was 34% of 215 pounds. Have not done this before, but that means I have lost a little over half the fat from my heaviest, or 70 pounds. It would also mean that I have not lost muscle mass.  I think that’s actually wrong, because I know I have added a lot of muscle over the past five months.  So there are limitations.

That brings me to the science and the way the Withings scale measures body fat. It measures electrical resistance though your feet as you stand on the scale. The time it takes for the signal to return to the sensors gives the scale an idea of how much fat you carry. The problem with this is that drinking water can skew the findings, so it is inexact to say the least. Having said that, the body fat measurement has tracked downward with my weight. It did stay steady at an annoying 40% for a number of weeks, but since clearing 230 pounds it seems to be measuring fairly accurately. As the Withings is a fairly broad measurement system, I have bought recently an Aim Sculpt, you can read about it in a previous post. The problem is, it does not work, and as the firm sent it with the US Postal Service, the slowest and cheapest mail service on the planet, the return of the item for a new one may take years and cost thousands of lives. Check back on the Sculpt post for updates.

I love our Withings Scale, and even Her Indoors is now using it regularly!  It’s a necessary bit of kit if you are serious about tracking everything from heart health to weight, not to mention you know what to wear because of the helpful weather forecast screen!

Back here soon – hope to see you again!

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