How Keeping a Food Diary Changed My Life – Literally

imagesI am about as organised usually as a tornado, just ask Her Indoors.  Clothes go on the floor, the kitchen is a disaster after I cook.  That being said, I knew when I got serious about the change in lifestyle I needed to understand what I ate and the impact it made on my weight.

The first person I saw when I started, was a young trainer called Richard Kirk.  He was the one who recommended the change that introduced fasting every morning.  The other thing he recommended was keeping a food diary on MyFitnessPal.  I didn’t at first, saw my weight do the typical yoyo, and then decided I would at least do it to see what my calorie intake was.  Well, on the first day, it was 4600 calories!  Really!  The second day was better 4400!  All of you who track calories, or have read about it, know to maintain my weight as a man of 5’11” is circa 2200.

Needless to say, I was amazed and worried.  I then decided The Captain (Richard’s last name is Kirk) was on to something.  So, I started keeping a food diary.  I still do.  Do I need to these days?  Not really.  I have a good handle on what I eat, because the diary educated me on the calories foods had, I pretty much know what I put in my mouth.  However, and this is coming from a person who hates constraints, it is the one thing I religiously adhere to these days.  It is actually liberating.  Do I eat responsibly all the time?  Hell no, every week or so I head off for my favourite meal; a Five Guys cheese burger.  That visit precipitates the “walk of shame”, more about that in a later post!

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