Pet Hates and Buying an Aim Skulpt – UPDATED

Update!  As I feared, Sculpt now want me to return the device to them.  It took 5 days to get the answer to my question of why it didn’t work.  As they are in CA, I won’t get a reply from them here in the UK until late in my day.  Bottom line?  I won’t get to use the $260 item for several months.  I will keep you updated……..

MyFitnessPal is really good at ad displays, I can’t wait to be able to pay to have them removed.  However, they do work.  One day I clicked on an ad for a muscle measurement device.  It reports to do MQ or muscle quality.  Given I am finally starting to get to a weight where I need to start thinking about percentage body fat, I bought one. I live in the UK, and once I paid for the device, an Aim Skulpt, I noticed it was being shipped via US Postal Service.  The USPS has to be one of the worst choices for package deliveries from the States to Europe, and because of this it is dirt cheap.  I would expect that from and Ebay seller, not a company  So, two weeks later and another $60 in import duties, I finally have the Sculpt in my hot little hand. I charge it for the recommended two hours, fill the spray bottle, you have to wet the sensors to get a reading, and start my first measurement!  Red light. Try again the thing says, well, it says it 4 or 5 times and then finally defaults to a we can’t measure you.  Three hours later now, and there isn’t any change from the first time. IMG_0149 IMG_0151

Another pet hate of mine are companies who sell expensive equipment and don’t provide technical support that is responsive.  Today is Saturday, and I am pretty sure the guys who started this company are most likely hanging out at their respective pools.  So here I sit with a $260 pile of manure.  Well, it’s not even that good.  At least with manure I could fertilise the flower beds. I will keep you posted.  The next thing I bet they ask, is for me to return it.  That would signal another month without the product while they have my money; another pet hate…………

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