How Much?!?!?!?


I have never juiced anything in my life. Last year I was in the London department store Selfridges to buy more Nespresso capsules. I walked past a stand where a lady had a number of, what I would have called simple blenders. Then I noticed the price of one of them. £650 or about $1000. You just have to ask what you get for a grand from something with a motor, blade and plastic container. So I asked. Well she said you get something that can make anything from hot soups to ice cream. Okay, I was, to say the least, intrigued.

I didn’t buy one that day but did go and research this thing called Vitamix. Okay, I did the research and bought one, and yes I got the expensive one. We love it. I have made everything from a BBQ chuck steak with a beautiful sauce in the slow cooker, fantastic soups which cook through the friction caused by the blade speed, to creamy smooth fresh natural peanut butter.

I will update as we get used to cooking in a whole new way.

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