Sure, I’ll try fasting

That was my answer to the 28 year old dietician who had just grilled me for an hour on what, when and how I ate. For a change I was honest. Told the guy what I like and don’t. What hits my hunger hot buttons like a Five Guys cheeseburger, and basically bared my culinary soul, as much as culinary applied I guess. It was an interesting examination, and I think I learned as much as the dietician. Until that time my diet was pretty devoid of green vegetables, well most others as well. I ate mainly beef and more beef with the occasional potato thrown in for good measure. I also ate a lot of sweets and drank a lot of wine and spirits. The truth was, I enjoyed it all.


shutterstock_145994891As I was standing up to leave the little office at the back of the gym, Richard, the trainer, asked “what do you think of fasting?” “Yeah, I could try that”, came my reply. In my mind I had an image of once a month or so not eating anything for 12 hours or so. Sure, I thought, I could that, and headed to the parking lot. A couple of days later I returned to the gym to discuss my diet plan. I wasn’t overly excited about it, but really had nothing to lose as the consultation was included in the price of the gym membership my wife had signed us up for. I sat down, and Richard presented me with a piece of paper that had three columns containing foods. They were green yellow and red. Green was good to eat, red meant avoid at all costs. It was a simple traffic light system. I stuck the sheet in my pocket and Richard added, “try and keep calories under 2200.” I am pretty sure my response under my breath was, whatever. As I walked out almost as an aside, he said “oh and by the way, fasting. I don’t want you to eat anything before 12:30. That’s every day.” I am sure I just looked at the guy in disbelief. I know I thought he was crazy. My favourite meal was breakfast. Nothings beats toast dripping with real butter and covered in strawberry jam, not to mention a couple of fried eggs and some crispy bacon. I just looked at him, and asked what about coffee? That was okay. I remember thinking that wasn’t going to happen. I had a hard time making it from breakfast to a mid morning snack. I thought about it for a couple of days. One morning I got up had a cup of coffee and headed off to work. I had a lunch at 12:30 and managed to have a couple of cups of coffee and then eat at about 1. It was tough and so was the next day and the day after. But I stuck with it and after a week, I was getting to 1 every afternoon and wasn’t hungry. The best part was I was dropping weight, wasn’t hungry and energy levels were definitely increasing. Today, 12:30 comes quickly. I continue to lose around 1.5 pounds a week with none of the low energy levels and all of the other problems I always experienced with fad diets. The other thing that became clear was it’s hard to eat 2200 calories of quality food in two sittings. In fact, I average 1500 to 1700 calories most days with significantly more energy than I have had in years.

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